No Truck or Traction: A Dream & A Life-Changing Decision

Jenni Ho-Huan
4 min readNov 29, 2023
lighted open glass jar with word Dreams

A silly joke that I sometimes shared spoke of an older man looking for a wife. He was a simple man from a rural community and must be in desperate straits for he uncharacteristically decided to put up an ad in the local papers. It read:

“Man seeks wife with tractor. Send image of tractor..”

I never anticipated I would get sent a tractor image. I have only seen pictures of tractors and they hold absolutely no charm for me. But when I awoke that morning from a ‘tractor dream’, I was not the least bit amused.

A messy protracted subversion had infiltrated the community when a couple raised heckles about the way things were being done — casting spurious and serious aspersions against the leaders. Being a community of faith, our approach is to typically be ‘nice’ and patient. But there was no budging for these two, and for some reason, none of us in leadership could agree on the best way forward. In the end, a key leader who had galvanized the community to new heights despairingly stepped away, leaving a gaping hole in the organizational leadership.

Then I had this dream.

It’s the kind of dream with dramatic episodes, but they progressed in swift succession, all involving vehicles. The first vehicle looked to me like…