Being Able To Say, Sorry, but No, Not Now, Not This Time.

Jenni Ho-Huan
3 min readAug 7, 2023

ENOUGH to stuff, we say. We know this, and other common-sense bytes like: Buy only what you need. If something’s been in your cupboard/larder/freezer and hasn’t seen the light of day/night, you really can give it away….or in the case of the food, toss it.

But I found that to do any of these with resolve, I need to first solve something: what is it that I believe about life?

The question can also be framed thus: what do I really need to feel like a living, healthy, growing being?

It is a never-ending question too as our life goes through seasons and changes.

At this season of your life, with all you have to grapple with (typical!) —

What brings you Life?
What strengthens and keeps you healthy — physically, emotionally and all?
What helps you grow as a person - in wisdom, fortitude, faith?

I made a clear decision to stay home for my baby twenty-three years ago. Many said it wasn’t a good decision to pare down my flock from a few hundred to one. (I was a family church pastor). I wondered too about it. But my priority led me in that direction. But I discovered that my pastoral calling wasn’t sacrificed, it just took on a very different form.