Many antique standing clocks
Lucian Alexe, Unsplash

How does half a century feel to you?

I am not sure how to feel. I just turned fifty-five and Time began to loom everywhere I turned.

“You don’t look fifty-five!”

I am not sure that fifty-five has a definite look, but Time definitely seemed frozen in the looks department…

Me sitting on the stone steps of St John’s Abbey with the stained glass behind me

It is my birthday today.

When I turned twenty-five, half a lifetime ago, I laid in bed thinking I was so old, to be a quarter of a century.

Time is how we frame it, as with all things. But Time is particularly tricky, with its immense power to cower…

Craig Parry, Volcanic Sandbeach, NZ

Let me begin with dates, since this is a review of the week. I looked up to the shelf where my beautiful desk calendar stood, and it says September. It is October, and I remember turning that page late in August.

Are we always chasing after time, that master who…

Foggy with light streaming down and one lone tree

Viruses mutate. Just like us, these microbes carry a survival instinct.

Just that now, it is their survival against ours, and time isn’t really on our side, unless we are willing to consider that this protracted disruption may be a summons to rethink all of life.

And rethinking how we…

rethinking what we cannot avoid

artur lucska. Unsplash

Avoiding pain is what we all instinctively do. But then, these days, it is everywhere: you read it, hear it, watch it and feel it.

While there is do doubt that humanity has made some great and incredible strides, all the way to Mars, it seems we never ever get…

Jenni Ho-Huan

feline lover sniffing for Beauty Truth and Love

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