Craig Parry, Volcanic Sandbeach, NZ

Let me begin with dates, since this is a review of the week. I looked up to the shelf where my beautiful desk calendar stood, and it says September. It is October, and I remember turning that page late in August.

Are we always chasing after time, that master who…

Foggy with light streaming down and one lone tree

Viruses mutate. Just like us, these microbes carry a survival instinct.

Just that now, it is their survival against ours, and time isn’t really on our side, unless we are willing to consider that this protracted disruption may be a summons to rethink all of life.

And rethinking how we…

rethinking what we cannot avoid

artur lucska. Unsplash

Avoiding pain is what we all instinctively do. But then, these days, it is everywhere: you read it, hear it, watch it and feel it.

While there is do doubt that humanity has made some great and incredible strides, all the way to Mars, it seems we never ever get…

four horses walking on mountain range with sun shining brightly
by Witold Ziomek

Where Do You Live?

When I was younger and still learning the mechanics of the English Language, I did not know how to answer this question. We were taught instead to respond to “what is your address?”.

Actually, what I was taught seems accurate.

We do life in many spaces…

Jack Hamilton, Unsplash

This thing called life, the struggle is real.

You can hack all you want, but it’s always just a little out of reach.

Just today, someone sent me this gif which captures the feels so well -

It’s right there, I can see it!

I was so close


Omar Lopez, Unsplash

Following God can mean -

walking in the cool

moving out of your comfort zone

receiving an audacious promise

encountering a strange natural phenomena

watching waters part with some serious threat right behind you

done alone, done with a million

walking right into a desert

taking dictation

going miles for…

Jenni Ho-Huan

feline lover sniffing for Beauty Truth and Love

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