I am waiting for work to sort itself out.

Still, there’s always plenty to do.

With a soul to nourish and

loves to nurture

I decided to make this gift…

Jack Hamilton, Unsplash

This thing called life, the struggle is real.

You can hack all you want, but it’s always just a little out of reach.

Just today, someone sent me this gif which captures the feels so well -

It’s right there, I can see it!

I was so close

Where did that curveball come from?

How can something like this go so wrong?

Does anyone really have any answers?

For a long time, and for reasons known and unknown to me, my personal schema for life was an admixture of faith, hope and plenty of grit. The faith bit came…

Omar Lopez, Unsplash

Following God can mean -

walking in the cool

moving out of your comfort zone

receiving an audacious promise

encountering a strange natural phenomena

watching waters part with some serious threat right behind you

done alone, done with a million

walking right into a desert

taking dictation

going miles for an appointment

smoke, bells and whistles

stipped bare


waiting for provision

receiving provision from unlikely sources

watching your stream dry up

praying till you are out of breath and seem quite drunk

doing crazed things that draw attention (& ridicule)

feeling protected and vindicated

not getting any results as…

field mouse sniffing a dasiy
field mouse sniffing a dasiy
Dick Van Dujin

I see the battle lines more clearly now.

The division and divergence were bound to happen.

Realist! I had proclaimed most of my growing years, which was really a statement of survival.

When you go to two parties in the same dress, or watch your classmate eat lunch of rice and one measly portion of fish, when your teacher comes to class in a sheer blouse and all the girls talked about was the subject of her face, when you reckoned your two older brothers forget you and you strained not to look so afraid because fear, like blood, attracts…

brown butterfly with shadow

There was a time when this was a proper greeting.

It’s still there in holy writ, notably in the many letters Paul wrote to young fledging churches with their many issues. We read them like some dated greeting, all that grace and peace stuff.

But they are not niceties, they are realities, necessary for living real.

One of the facts about life is that we all wrestle with darkness and harbour demons in the dark alleys. I have seen the darkness in my soul, and many have confessed theirs to me, a range that spans -

Losing it with our…

ice floes melting
ice floes melting
NatGeo, of course.

A lot can sound very convincing, compassionate and committed.

Today when definitions become more and more splintered, it can easily become ‘whoever speaks loudest (accompanied by a really cool video)’ wins. Regularly, we read of people asserting their stands and sometimes even turning against their community. This about-turn is so drastic and final, It makes me wonder — who or what is really energising all of this?

I smell a conspiracy by the Dark Side — which is capitalising on some age-old human habits we all practise, most of them distortions of our being.

Let’s consider a few.

1. Labels

an antique typewriter with numbers 2021 on sheet of white paper
an antique typewriter with numbers 2021 on sheet of white paper

My status and station in life.

I thought of it mostly as gift, grace, surprise, and maybe even achievement (through a lot of happenstance too).

But privilege?

Ouch. I want to object, that accusing tone….

Yet it is so much in the air that I feel culpable: I belong to the majority race in my country, I am a graduate, I drive, and so forth…

But am I? I guess I am. But why does it automatically make me responsible for oppression and violence?

I embrace the reality that I have some privilege. I admit that just because of the…

a pair of blue hand prints on a white wall with red smudges
a pair of blue hand prints on a white wall with red smudges
jewish telegraphic agency

Together with goodfellow Resilence, Empathy is in circulation and in demand these days. From the classroom to the Boardroom, the two are making serious appearances. We need both we say. We wish both were more readily available, and we are throwing up plenty of fodder for why we don’t have more of these two and how to get them.

But really, is it so hard?

In 2020, if there is anything we must make room for, welcome in and bid stay, it has to be Resilence and Empathy — and they are banging on the doors of our soul.


Markus Spiske, Unsplash

The word ‘power’ seem the preserve of a few.

Most of us feel powerless, or else, certainly have felt powerless with certain poeple and situations.

Does this mean we are consigned to being moved, kicked, shoved, defined and assigned by those more powerful than us.

We have all felt, experienced and perhaps are living this even now.

This past week, I went for a four-day training that drew from Gestalt and Ontological Coaching on Facilitating Powerful Conversations.

We considered Dispositions, Language, Emotions, Intution, Somatic Realities and more.

Each of us has a predominant disposition, an approach to life, for example…

The children have stopped screaming.

The rainwater started lightly, and soon fell in troughfuls.

Biden-Harris victory.

The sermon felt like weak soup.

Novemeber 8th.

A friend I barely know announced their wedding anniversary on Facebook.

What the — one small change at the heart — and some new bonds and conjugations is all it takes?

The children started screaming again (yes they can play on under the shelter which is characteristic of our public housing).

I want to do more home organisation, it relieves my stress and gives me a sense of control I suppose.

The flat is empty except…

Jenni Ho-Huan

feline lover sniffing for Beauty Truth and Love

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